Friday, March 21, 2008


Is anyone else obsessively watching HBO's "In Treatment"?

I just finished watching tonight's episode and they should just throw an Emmy right now at Dianne Wiest. The whole lot of them, actually -- writing/directing/acting. Brilliant.


Anonymous said...

she's alive..she's alive..that's good. happy egg day.
i let hbo go..perhaps it's time to reconnect?

Dianne said...

If "alive" means breathing and still liable for outstanding debt, then ... Yes!

I was going to cancel HBO right when "In Treatment" started ... now that the first season ended, I was going to cancel but Tracey Ullmann had to go and start up on the Showtime ... so I scored one month free of that. It's fabulous because I was able to On Demand the last season of "Weeds" and I'm watching the entire series of "Dexter" as god intended -- with profanity and gratuitous violence/sex inclusive. Totally addicted and just started Season 2.

Anonymous said...

It has been more than two months. Has anyone heard from dianne? Is she ok?

Anonymous said...

Please call or write me. I am so worried about you.

Anonymous said...

So what the hell ever happened to Dianne? I miss her.