Sunday, January 27, 2008

Will Work for Money

Well, the e-mail from a couple of days ago proved fruitless -- just like the e-mail from the Nigerian prince who, out of nowhere, wrote to ask me for $1.2 million dollars so that he could, in turn, make me wealthy. I'd been feeling all sorry for myself, but boy, that poor little prince! His syntax made the narrative a bit difficult to follow, but through a complex series of events involving several bank accounts, possible terrorists, an innocent newborn, and Keifer Sutherland -- he'd temporarily misplaced his fortune. I didn't know him and felt deeply touched that he would entrust such an important, delicate mission to me -- an unemployed, middle-aged, reclusive stranger in corn country. Anyway, that didn't pan out, either.

Yesterday I looked into selling my eggs ($10K!), but sadly, the few elderly, lost, remaining ones shuffling slothlike through my system cannot be given away on Freecycle.

On I search...

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