Monday, January 28, 2008

Violets are Blue, And So I, Too

It is not simple and easy to make $13,575 a week working part-time answering e-mail from the comfort of one's own home and pajamas -- regardless of what the endless CraigsList ads say.

To quell the din of creditors calling and knocking ... and in an attempt to entertain and involve you, dear reader, I would like to introduce a new feature called Bad Poetry.

Confession: I am not a poetry reader nor writer. Until this year I had no interest in even thinking about it, really. Don't misunderstand me -- I feel bad about this, not proud. I think it's a personal lack of ambition and character on my part to not try harder to get poetry.

So, like the slumping snorting slacker in the back of class, offering nothing to the advancement of discussion and learning, I naturally deeply enjoy writing and reading purposely and aggressively Bad Poetry. I welcome your comments and, especially, contributions.

I shall now compose my first Bad Poem, right now, extemporaneously. If you wish, you may present me with a topic, and I'll attempt a Bad Poem about it.

All is Grey
Peering through smudged window
And tears from Heaven
Doppler threatens temperature drop
How fitting, think I
For this outdoor gloom matches
Like an unbirthed twin
The greyness of my mind
and anatomy.

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