Saturday, December 8, 2007

Rinse. Spin. Supper!

I just defrosted a hunk of salmon; not my favorite of the fish, but it was there in the freezer.

Looking for inspiration on how to prepare it other than throwing it in the broiler, I asked the know-it-all Google. This is one of the billion ideas Google provided me:

Cooking Salmon in a Dishwasher

salmon fillets
aluminum foil
a lemon
a few butter pats
electric dishwasher
the straw that broke the back of the camel in your mind (editor's addenda)

Place the fish on two large sheets of aluminum foil. Squeeze on some lemon juice and place the pats of butter on the salmon fillets. Seal the fillets well in the foil, and place the foil packet in the top wire basket of your electric dishwasher. DO NOT ADD SOAP OR DETERGENT. Close the dishwasher door, set the dishwasher on the hottest wash cycle, complete with drying cycle, and let it run through a full cycle. When the cycle is complete the fish will be cooked just right.
Wow ... has everyone else been doing this except me?
What other clever food preparation shortcuts have not been mine for lack of imagination?
Instead of roasting a chicken in the oven (!) tomorrow with some red potatoes and carrots, why not throw it all in the dryer? What if I left the gas fireplace burning all night with a brisket on the hearth?

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