Thursday, December 6, 2007

I Will Survive ... Hey ... Hey

Thanks for all the calls, prayer circles, candygrams, flowers, and the llama. I survived the evening and then the morning and afternoon. I can breathe betterer, but now I can feel that horrid kind of scraping thing in my sinuses ... like an itch that cannot be scratched ... only it hurts.
I'm drinking my wine now, for I don't want to be irresponsible and mix it with nighttime cold medicine.

Ticked off today's quotidian To-Do List was calling my mobile phone company and throwing myself on their mercy ... my father suddenly became sick and died mid-October ... and there was a week when I was away in NH and honestly, the last thing on my mind was my phone plan (I normally make or receive one call a year). So, my bill was triple what it normally is and my pockets are not only empty, they've holes. I bring to you, in one act, my conversation with, let's call them S-Mobile:

Extremeley Effete S-Mobile Representative: Good afternoon! Welcome to S-Mobile -- what may I help you with today?
Me: Hi, yes, I was hoping you could help me with my latest bill.
EES-MR: Okay, I'm pulling up your account. First, what is your name, please?
Me: Dianne
EES-MR: Do you have a blog called "Rough Draft"??
Me: Okay that didn't really happen.
EES-MR: No, it didn't. Please tell me your password.
Me: Could I have a hint, please?
EES-MR: I'm sorry, I cannot give you a "hint."
Me: What? Seriously? Is it my mother's maiden name, my father's middle name, my childhood pet, age of first menses, location of my birth, favorite mole location?
EES-MR: I'm sorry! I cannot tell you!
Me: But, but, but... There are a squillion passwords and they tell us to never use the same! You have to give me a hint -- is it a name, location, number?
EES-MR: Ma'am, I cannot divulge that.
Me: This is a bit insane, don't you think? Is it xxxx (my pin number for my debit card).


Damage done, though.
He didn't fully refund or forgive the overcharges, although he did take $30+ off. I resignedly thanked him and told him I appreciated all his help.

Moral: Plan family emergencies better and demand a prompt for passwords.


Anonymous said...

Insane is giving someone in Bangladesh the pin number for your ATM card.

Now put down the bottle and back slowing away.

Keep your hands where I can see them.


Anonymous said...

I meant to say "back slowly", but you get the point, right?

Dianne said...

Beg pardon, but I didn't ANNOUNCE to the strange man that it was my debit card password.

Who's the drinker now, huh? Huh? HUH???