Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hi, my name is Dianne and I'm a linen-a-holic. [Hi, Dianne!]

After being in recovery since February?, I relapsed just now and bought a set of red flannel sheets at Target. I've enough sets of sheets, of embarrassing good quality too, to last not only this lifetime even if I live to be 100 (I won't) but into my next two lifetimes -- and that's without knowing if I've collected enough karma of the Good variety to warrant a lifestyle that will require sheets.

My defense/excuse: They were on sale for less than $13. That's three bottles of pinot noir, people. And I'm not in real AA, so ...

I also spent money I do not have on a movie at Landmark ... "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" ... excellent cast and and excellent writing. I give it three thumbs up. [You're not going to be coming here for movie reviews, I'll tell you that right now.]

I guess if I had to leave the house ... after being a shut-in for three full, glorious days (at least it was cloudy and then rainy so the brightness of the sun did not burn my retinas) this wasn't so bad. Although a nice lady just arriving at Target offered to take my freshly emptied shopping cart and I was literally and embarrassingly speechless. She was clever and made a few jokes, I was a shocked mute struggling for words. I need to get out more, and tomorrow I'll be forced to, again.

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