Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Have Never Drank Gatorade ... And Now, Never Will

Jesus, NPR ...

So, the doctor who invented Gatorade died yesterday. Apparently this is HUGE news, and I was only just half-listening to the seemingly endless loop of his obit on NPR when this new tidbit filtered through to my shocked and disgusted ears ... When told that his first batch or two tasted like urine, Dr. Gatorade drank some (his?) urine to compare and Golly! It did! before perfecting his brew. He died yesterday of kidney disease.

Republicans are Dumb

Instead of Mitt Romney or/and Fred Thompson ... Bill Paxton.
So obvious.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Eternal Question of Atheistic Doubt

What if when we die ... there's an afterlife?

I Thought We'd Be Living "The Twilight Zone" By Now

Wait a minute ... I have to post? O, deep dramatic sigh.
I buy fruit, but that's not good enough, I'm supposed to eat it, too.
I joined a gym, but oh no, that's not good enough, either. I'm supposed to go to the dreadful place. Is it really too much to ask for a device already to have been invented that can read my mind and tap out my posts for me? I'm not tech savvy, or even ... what's the word ... smart ... but shouldn't we have the means and capability for this already? I'm tired by the end of the day ... hell, I'm tired at the beginning of the day ... it's almost 2008; enough with the typing!

Now I'm going to take my generic otc sleep aid, wash it down with a glass of red, and crawl into my bed. It's 7:30. I'm 138.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Date Rape, Toys, Christmas, Alcohol, Sundays

I must have been insane to step into a store this weekend, or anytime before Christmas, but I, you know, needed food and stuff. The Super Target part was a mistake, yes. Since there's a local child I need to buy for, I fought my way to the already-decimated toy aisles. A wee blonde girl was weeping, not because of the lack of toys but because her older, toddler sister had swung her purse (?) that had $10 worth of coins in it and I guess crying is part of early concussion. I was hoping to score some good deals on the China toys, but all the recalled ones were gone. Speaking of which -- date rape drug on a toy? How fucked up is that? Why? How? (They were out of those, too.) And speaking of stupidity -- how the bloody hell did I end up in a place that doesn't sell alcohol on Sundays? I didn't even want to buy alcohol today, but dammit, what if I did? Is this not America? Am I not an adult? Why, pray tell, can adults not buy whatever legal thing they wish on Sunday? I would like an answer.

How are you -- both of you -- handling Christmas shopping this year? All Internet? All Goodwill? All stores? Combination?


Hi, my name is Dianne and I'm a linen-a-holic. [Hi, Dianne!]

After being in recovery since February?, I relapsed just now and bought a set of red flannel sheets at Target. I've enough sets of sheets, of embarrassing good quality too, to last not only this lifetime even if I live to be 100 (I won't) but into my next two lifetimes -- and that's without knowing if I've collected enough karma of the Good variety to warrant a lifestyle that will require sheets.

My defense/excuse: They were on sale for less than $13. That's three bottles of pinot noir, people. And I'm not in real AA, so ...

I also spent money I do not have on a movie at Landmark ... "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" ... excellent cast and and excellent writing. I give it three thumbs up. [You're not going to be coming here for movie reviews, I'll tell you that right now.]

I guess if I had to leave the house ... after being a shut-in for three full, glorious days (at least it was cloudy and then rainy so the brightness of the sun did not burn my retinas) this wasn't so bad. Although a nice lady just arriving at Target offered to take my freshly emptied shopping cart and I was literally and embarrassingly speechless. She was clever and made a few jokes, I was a shocked mute struggling for words. I need to get out more, and tomorrow I'll be forced to, again.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


...if one has a secret but doesn't tell anyone [that they have a secret; not the secret itself] is it still considered a secret?

If the Pope is alone in the woods and defecates, does anyone hear him?

Eternal mysteries, all.

No one knows of this ... this ... this ... thing yet and before my readership swells to another person, I want to get used to it all a bit more.

...for now this is just my little secret and I shall become comfortable with it before its unveiling to the lone, lost Internets wanderer.

Friday, November 23, 2007

A journey ... begins ... a step


Starting a blog has been on my To-Do list since circa 1985 ... the first 812 names for this blog were unavailable. Inexplicably "A Tittle of Truth" was available.

Walk with me, won't you?